Laboratory for Students

Laboratory for Students


Since academic year 2012/2013 we are successfully running a course for students "Reconfigurable FPGA Devices". Each year, 3 groups of 12 students attend a lecture held by dr. Marek Pałka and practice in a dedicated laboratory:


Photo1: FPGA laboratory classroom located in the new campus building


The laboratory is equipped with 12 Xilinx Spartan 3AN Evaluation Boards:

Link to the user guide UG334.pdf


Photo2: Overview of the Xilinx Spartan 3AN development board, with key features highlighted []


First few exercises are common to all students and include VHDL and FPGA fundamentals like usage of device hardware features and basic VHDL constructs. For this purpose we use switches, LEDs and the LCD display.

Instructions for students:

Instruction 1

Instruction 2

Instruction 3

Instruction 4

Instruction 5

Instruction 6

Instruction 7

Second part of the semester is dedicated to devvelopment of individual projects. Those involve communication with peripheral devices like DAC and ADC, external keyboard, DDR memory and VGA output display.


Contact person:

Grzegorz Korcyl

grzegorz.korcyl (at)