Juna Network Academy


January 2013 - All terminals are now equiped with 22'' LG Flatron ISP226 panels.

June 2012 - New operator-based network devices are put into operation. 

September 2011 - The JNAA Curriculum is changed. 

March 2th, 2010 - Official Opening with a lecture of Mr Piotr Kędra (Juniper Polska). 

November 2009 - Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA) at the Jagiellonian University is launched.


Currently we have the following Juniper devices: 

Router MX240 1
Router MX10 3
Router MX5 2
Router J4350 4
Router J2350 2
Router J2320 2
Router J2300 2
SSG 320M 1
SSG 520 1
IDP 50 1
SA 2500 1
Switch SRX240 7
Switch EX4200 (48x) 1
Switch EX4200 (24x) 8

We also have:

routers of other vendors (Cisco): 11 
switches of other vendors (Cisco, HP, Fore): 8 
ATM switches: 5
other devices: access points, wireless controllers 

Terminals: PC-based (21).


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