Leszek A. Nowak, M.Sc. Eng.


  • Texturing - preparation of textures for 2D and 3D graphics
  • Analysis and modeling of information systems - decomposition, analysis and implementation of systems using UML and design patterns
  • Special effects in game graphics - implementation of modern special effect problems using OpenGL and C++ languages
  • Basics of Computer Programming: C with Elements of C++ - from basics to object
  • 3D Geometry for Game Developement - software implementation of game geometry problems;
  • Scripting for Games - Python game developement, LUA scripting;
  • Elements of Computer Graphics for Games Production – basic 3D modeling and animation, game interface design, concept arts, game assets preparation;
  • Introduction to 3D Modeling – character modeling, automotive modeling, game assets creation, architecture modeling;
  • 3D characters modeling - character design and creation
  • 3D Animation – static objects animation, biped rigging, biped animation;
  • 2D Animation – interactive animations using Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.0;
  • Computer Graphics – raster and vector graphics in Adobe Photoshop, programmable animations using OpenGL;
  • Elements of Game Development – general game problems implementation;
  • Team Workshop of Game Development - team projects using Unity3D game development tool;
  • Team Workshop of Software Development - team projects in general software development;
  • XML Document Processing and Modern Web Techniques – XML document parsing,  web application development using HTML5, AJAX and jQuery;

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